There is a time when one has to stop saying sorry

I have actually been undergoing a transformation in recent times, one that has not been at all easy and has actually left me thinking about things a lot less, yet at the same time has left me more confident in my own being. I’ve realized that all my life I have spent too much time making excuses for myself, the way I am and the things I like. Even if I have not actually apologized out loud to other individuals, then I have often done so in my own head. Saying sorry and feeling humiliated for the things I do and like and even for the things that help make me happy. I have let the image of what I should be like and what I ought to be doing to stand in the way of the beautiful actuality of who I am. I’ve been apologizing for as long as I can remember and I think it is time to finally stop. I am definitely done with going through my life feeling inadequate or ashamed for any of the things I like, have done or will do in the future. Hereon in my newfound liberty is to just be me! That doesn’t mean that because I’m not saying sorry for things about myself, that I do not wish to continue to develop mentally and evolve as a truly well-balanced person. I definitely do. I have every intention of being as versatile as well as open-minded as I can possibly be and I’m not going to quit developing, improving and maturing. It’s just that from now on, I’m just not willing to apologize for not getting there yet.