I am not invisible

Often I really feel transparent to the other gender especially when I’m reflecting on my single-ness. As satisfied as I am when I learn that friends who have experienced agonizing separations or splits from their other halves but then have managed to find love once more, I can not help but look at myself and question what it is that I’m doing for me to still be single. There are always these moments where I start reviewing the past 20 years of my life, asking the Almighty just how is it that I am so far behind in the game of life.

And so it was during one of these moments of reflection that I asked God to show me that I’m not actually as invisible as I feel and as soon as the phrase left my mouth, my dog, Rupert, leapt up on to my bosom and began barking loudly while staring at me. I ought to explain that this is not a normal thing for my dog to do. Those of you who follow his shenanigans on Twitter recognize that Rupert is notoriously unconventional and even a little shy. Every time I attempt to stroke him, he fires across the living room in the opposite direction like someone set his rear ablaze, vanishing for hrs into the shadowy corners of my flat. So for him to quickly show up, jump on my chest and stay there for all of 15 mins while trying repeatedly to lick my face was very unusual.

But then again, maybe not so unusual given that the God we serve is wonderfully unpredictable and unconventional. And long after Rupert had actually left to go run after his ball in the other room, I remembered that it might just be that it will take awhile for the ideal guy to see that I am actually not as invisible as I feel.